Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Been illustrating for GQ... and its great fun! Its allowing me to vent almost.. trying something new with every illustration, some work and some don't and they have to be redone, but getting an idea of what works and what doesnt for a reader. The magazine comes with its specifics, the specific "visually literate" demographic it caters to :P

Attempting different concepts and styles as per the article... its a quick timeline that is set...

Got the opportunity to illustrate for the GQ in the November issue :)

for February

This article was called "the Manifesto"... its about how the nature of The Man in particular has changed from that of the non political, barbaric and raw to that of one who minces his words and now asks for permission from his wife to do things... we don't know if this is for the better or worse but yeah I guess its true... he picks pink wallpaper for the house and makes polite conversation with his wife's friends... the article is almost a before and after where the man of the past looks at today's guy and says "You Suck!" hmmmmm...

for April

for May

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Box ~ a series

An exploration of the box using found images and a photocopier.

What is the box?
What does the box do?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Postcards from Malaysia

Ahhh.. boardwalk, beaches, blazing sun with bits of rain.. hot bikini girl on the beach who features a little after this... and amazing breakfast buffets :) Not to mention swimming races and the bouy that we dared to touch far out in the sea... 'Jaws' popping into my head every 30 seconds... Angad's friendly blue fish and its family that lived a foot under the water :P
I wouldn't forget the Burjaya, it is one of the best hotels i've been in :) Not to forget the prying monkeys

The red flag that warned people of the tide, well for us it was a warning that Angad had probably knocked over the coast guard.

Leeches. Leeches. Leeches amidst the 3rd oldest rainforest in the world! Taman negara with its canopy walks, barking deer, Fish and rice and reaally long boat rides...

aaaannnd the checkered bikini! she suspiciously kept looking over her glasses at me drawing her.... all was forgiven when she saw the sketch :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Fabulist

This is the first rough draft, unfortunately of only 3/4 of the story...I will be taking a break and getting back to 
constructing the rest a little later.. the script needs working, some pages towards the end need to be polished and finished.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Graphic Novel (underway)

Pages from a whole lot more, a number that i cannot type out or say out loud lest i decide to do something drastic to myself at this hour of the night. Will keep updating this post as i get done. 

Still trying to balance out each page as a whole... will add the text and the photo collage bits last i guess. I have a style for every chapter in the book, but what binds them together is still being figured out along the way...

You can read the story here

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bangalore Co.


What do i appreciate about Bangalore as a city? What would i like it to be known for? 
Especially when i ve been asked to brand it! For my illustration course, i decided to identify bangalore as a city recognised for its performing arts.  This would mean, creating a mock up for a new face or identity for Bangalore as a contemporary, cosmopolitain city and to visually interpret the term 'contemporary' with relation to the arts and to the present ways of life in Bangalore. 

Creating contrast between the traditional and modern was hard, especially when the arts are moving toward contemporarising the old. Bangalore is moving towards constructing a cross cultural platform where it shares, takes inspiration, exchanges at a global level hence it was difficult to identify the new cultural symbols that would lend themselves to the city the country and internationally. Point being : i need time to do more research :)

Stuff i was looking at :
Art and the city
Influence of the Attakkalari
IT influx and how it affected culture
Students and various exchanges
Bangalore as a contemporary, new city
Reinventing / re-interpreting tradition and folk
Bangalore as an international / cross cultural space
Concerts / Jazz / Blues / Rock / traditional / folk  
Contemporary dance and theatre 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ecologically Mindless - An editorial illustration

Ecologically Mindless (excerpt)

"The flush toilet and the sewage system - always believed embodied personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness - are a part of the environmental problem and not the solution. This technology is quite simply ecologically mindless. 

This heavy use of surface water is leading to growing conflicts between urban and rural users and also to overexploitation.

This sewage, incidentally, comes from the flush toilets of the rich, not the poor."

Uditi illustrated for the same article :) heres what she did!

Friends in under fifteen :)

Acrylics and greys markers tht i found lying around in a box :) 
This was a quickie ;) 15 minutes,  like a stress buster. I've gotten addicted to drawing faces!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Caricatures are rough truth"

Uditi :)
will start colouring them shortly..