Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Been illustrating for GQ... and its great fun! Its allowing me to vent almost.. trying something new with every illustration, some work and some don't and they have to be redone, but getting an idea of what works and what doesnt for a reader. The magazine comes with its specifics, the specific "visually literate" demographic it caters to :P

Attempting different concepts and styles as per the article... its a quick timeline that is set...

Got the opportunity to illustrate for the GQ in the November issue :)

for February

This article was called "the Manifesto"... its about how the nature of The Man in particular has changed from that of the non political, barbaric and raw to that of one who minces his words and now asks for permission from his wife to do things... we don't know if this is for the better or worse but yeah I guess its true... he picks pink wallpaper for the house and makes polite conversation with his wife's friends... the article is almost a before and after where the man of the past looks at today's guy and says "You Suck!" hmmmmm...

for April

for May