Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Sar - Pugal, Rajasthan : a travelogue

Sar : A formation of land caused by rivulets of water that converge into a catchment area. This area over time becomes rich and fertile but hard to access and cultivate using primitive tools for agriculture.

the initial map to chalk out our areas of interest
and to articulate our lines of inquiry.

I curse myself everytime i head out anywhere without my sketch book and most of the times its sheer laziness. The thought of removing things and packing them back in and those materials and things and there's only so much i can do if i'm living out of my suitcase. 
But there's a certain trick and charm in that as well and i discovered that this time. A nomadic sort of being in a way and sight + sound as provocation to record. The desert just capacitates you in a way. I let my camera be my tourist and my diary took over everything else.