Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the diaries

I've picked up this habit from my uncle. Collecting diaries and filling them up.... he just sits and doodles in them. Stacks and stacks of beautiful books with brilliant paper in just pen work - an occasional hint of colour here and there... He never thinks when he doodles..or he does but it hardly concerns what he's putting down on paper... i liked that bit.... my friends call it my trance when i sit at a stretch and just fill up pages one after an another... and its fun to flip through these books later... i read whatever i want from things i'd drawn some time ago...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


In this one, I aimed at creating an image, slightly unsettling or intriguing using cut-outs,props and sets. I didnt want to use the computer for anything. The pictures were meant to have a slight narative to provoke the viewer to think of a situation or to arouse curiosity... (this applies only to the first 2 pictures for now)

"The adoration"

the alleys

This one's done in acrylics... I improvised on
an old building i saw in Bombay... it didn't seem
to belong under that sunny sky...

The first canvas i did in a really long time...
and i enjoyed doing it... completely out of memory
at a time when i was obsessed with graphic novels..(i still am)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

RED was another story i'd written alongside dragonfly.
This was a poster or a cover i'd cooked up for the story sitting at home one afternoon...