Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Caricatures are rough truth"

Uditi :)
will start colouring them shortly..




jazzlamb said...

nice. you look like you.( P.S. - Yes, I have been stalking:) ) I can never get caricatures right generally, so I hardly try.

Devashish said...

haha, this is my first time too :) its addictive when you get it :P

uditi said...

i love these!
they all look like real they.
if u ever complain how you cant draw deboo - like u did today, ill consider putting ure head thru a wall!

(can u make a flattering one of mee please? :P )

uditi said...

thanks thanks muchly.
im liking.

Alannah said...

i love the udita long fingers, quite accurate

urmila said...

i love ud's caicature! and ashwin's expression is perfect! and!... well all of them are really nice. :)

Devashish said...

Thank you :) i need to get down to doing more.. but i have no time :|

Anonymous said...

good stuff
there i finally commented
now where is my caricature ?
- shant