Monday, March 15, 2010

Ecologically Mindless - An editorial illustration

Ecologically Mindless (excerpt)

"The flush toilet and the sewage system - always believed embodied personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness - are a part of the environmental problem and not the solution. This technology is quite simply ecologically mindless. 

This heavy use of surface water is leading to growing conflicts between urban and rural users and also to overexploitation.

This sewage, incidentally, comes from the flush toilets of the rich, not the poor."

Uditi illustrated for the same article :) heres what she did!


uditi said...

i am liking all your latests
also loving the grey overdose of ure posts lately :)

Govind said...

this is fantastic.. well done

Devashish said...

thank ye govind :)

Devashish said...

thank ye udit... yah.. im discovering the greys :)