Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bangalore scapes

We did quite a few assignments after this sketching trip. This one was a 2 hour excercise where we were allowed to freak out with all the sketches we had produced. Basically take all your drawings and create a composition out of it. You cold make a statement if you wanted to. Ours is a sort of Building cake commenting on the mess that has become of MG rd and other areas around it.

It was interesting to know how designers and artists are involved in the planning and development of city areas and other places. We were focussing on heritage sites and in keeping a certain level of homogenity in landscape. Being sensitive to the surroundings and pre-existing structures when planning. Mg road (originally being a military base) is home to quite a few old buildings but newer construction work is done with no consideration for what already exists.

Thats what we tried to bring about in this artwork. Mess. telegraph poles, wires, shops, brands, advertising, bilboards, dirt and in all of that those forgotten structures.

We worked on it as a pair.


Shutterfly said...

oo i love these :)

aniruddh dube said...

what fun that was.

btw you mind if i take the images to put em up on my blog?
i dont have the originals and i really want it in my blog. :(

Onrak Gt said...
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devashish guruji said...

haha.. ya fun it was! take the pictures.. :)